Sunday, February 12, 2006

Privacy Policy

(Until i've had a chance to post this on the site properly, it will live here)

We hate spam, which is why we've designed this privacy policy around that.

The Visual Dictionary is a completely independant website, and the data we hold about you is yours. This means, you can request to see it at any time, request for it to be removed at any time, and we will never pass it on to a third party. At times, we may send you the occasional email, but you will be able to request that are you removed from these mailings, following instructions in the mail.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there..
I'm sure this is a huge undertaking and so you may have a lot of website work and catching up to do..
Here's my challenge:
I just created a contributor/user account -- I thought. When I wanted to try it out by attempting to log in, the sign-in page asked for my password. But I was not asked to set up a password during account creation phase, so now I'm befuddled.
Can you help me?

Here's my email:
(nickname: alabasterpersimmon)

Thanks much.

12:10 AM  

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