The Visual Dictionary

what are exclusions?

Our aim is to create a visual representation of the Oxford English Dictionary.

Every word which appears in that, we want a photograph of it. However, there are plenty of great photos of words which possibly aren't in the OED, but we'd still like to include. This is when we create an 'exclusion'.

Exclusions are words which we have accepted into TVD, but they don't fall under the OED rule. This allows non-english words to be submitted, place names etc.

I don't want to see these exclusions!

Fair enough, you'll soon be able to filter our exclusions using your browsing preferences.

I do want to see these exclusions!

Conversely, you'll also be able to choose whether you do see exclusions. Default will be hidden though, so you'll need to set that when you login.

The internet isn't English, why is TVD?

Well, the main reason is that I speak English, and its a very common international language spoken in many countries around the world. Even in many non-English speaking regions, you'll see English signage and advertising.

However, I've started to add support for multiple languages - and as more images are added this will grow until we could potentially have many language specific dictionaries. Also, the cross over and word sharing (ie. cafe is French and English) will be quite interesting.

But remember, the golden rule - if its not in the Oxford English Dictionary, it really shouldn't be in TVD.

Placenames? They're not in the OED!

No, you're right, nor are brand names or people's names, but there are a whole load of great images of location plates, road signs, etc. which are too fantastic not to include.

To be honest, I'll take a decision on anything which comes through. "Broadway" for instance is so well recognised as a location, that images of that probably should come in (under an exclusion). However, I don't want it filling up with "Welcome to Newington-upon-wye-bartonshireville" signs.

Brand names? Ick!

Again, you're right.. and this is why they're an exclusion. But some brands, again are so well recognised, and appear visually worthy enough to be included. I'm not going to allow the side of a Dell cardboard box, and I'm still undecided about 'McDonalds', generally, they'll probably not be allowed, but we'll take a view on it.

I disagree

Cool, you're entitled to that. Drop me a line, and if its about a specific word, put your case forward, and we'll think about dropping it (or accepting it). I'm not that precious about it ;)